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The Bellwether Effect

The Bellwether Effect


In The Bellwether Effect, Dr. Secretan first proposes a theory that explains how and why leaders are attracted to, and seduced by, trendy ideas, and the process by which these ideas then become mainstream. He calls the originators of these trends, “bellwethers”, hence the book’s title.  He then goes on to describe eight examples of counterproductive business practices, among them, fear-based management, motivation, separateness and silos, employee engagement surveys, performance appraisals, salary grades and pay scales, mission, vision, and values statements, and the use of war as a metaphor for business. In each case, Dr. Secretan proposes a novel and inspiring alternative that could lead to transformation and an inspiring culture.

The Bellwether Effect” not only provides terrific practical advice for leaders in rethinking routine, it also challenges leaders to be courageous in evolving the way they lead and manage teams.  Like all previous generations of workers, today’s workforce is looking for leaders that inspire and teach, and for organizations that serve a bigger purpose beyond shareholder returns.  Insightful read that shows how each of us can be a force for change in work and life.”

Bruce D. Broussard, President & CEO, Humana Inc.

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